Detailed programme


General French 

These classes allow you to discover, the structures of the language, proper pronunciation, and how to communicate in French.


Other classes

Biblical French

This class enables you to study biblical, Christian and religious vocabulary. You will study and talk about biblical texts, Christian literature, as well as Christian audio and video media.


Sharing the Gospel

This course focuses on the structures and vocabulary essential to sharing the Gospel.



Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm, Wednesdays from 9am to 11am (15 minutes per person), a member of the teaching staff will be available to help you with academic problems you may encounter while studying in Massy. Please sign up on the sheet located in the school lobby at the beginning of each week for these sessions.


Daily chapel service

Three days a week from 1:35 pm to 1:55 pm, we have a short chapel service. For many of our students, chapel is the “highlight” of their day for spiritual, as well as social and linguistic, reasons. It is the only time when the entire school assembles and affords a time for worship and the study of the Word of God together. It is also the occasion when important announcements are made to the student body. Students are encouraged to take an active part if they wish. 

Each day is different:

Mondays: regular short chapel service, in the chapel

A pastor coming from one of the local churches (varying denominations) or an advanced student gives the meditation. Beginning at the end of level A1, students will be assigned to read or pray in French during chapel.

Tuesdays: service takes place in your own classroom

This is designed to help give you confidence to speak in smaller groups, and beginners will even be encouraged to pray or share topics of prayers in their own language.

Thursdays: worship service, in the chapel

Teachers will organize this service with students who are musicians and interested in being involved. It is a time of prayer and praises. This is a student-led chapel service.

Fridays: service takes place in your own classroom

Prayer and/or sharing time.