Before your arrival, we send you a test by email or by post, to assess your level.

On your arrival, we complete your evaluation with an oral test.

If I am a beginner, what is my level* after a total of 50 hours of lessons?  200 hours?  800 hours?

  • After 60 to 80 hours in class (A1): You can communicate in a very simple way if the person you are speaking to speaks slowly and cooperates well.
  • After 150 to 200 hours (A2): You can communicate about simple and regular subjects, which correspond to immediate needs.
  • After 400 to 500 hours (B1): You can manage and communicate when clear and normal language is used. You can produce a simple and coherent speech about familiar subjects and subjects in your areas of interest.
  • After 600 to 700 hours (B2): You can communicate about a wide range of subjects, tangible and abstract, in a clear and detailed way, with spontaneity and ease - including during a technical discussion within your area of specialism.
  • After 800 to 900 hours (C1): You can use the language in an effective and flexible manner in your social, professional or academic life, about complex subjects. You can express yourself spontaneously and fluently, in a clear and well-structured way.
  • Beyond 900 hours (C2): You can communicate spontaneously, very fluently, in a very precise way. You can distinguish slight differences in meaning, as well as complex subjects.

We can supply you with more information on request.

*According to the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages”