Our standards of excellence

The school has been a member of Groupement FLE since 2006. Groupement FLE brings together schools teaching French in France which offer a wide range of quality services to people interested in learning French in France.

The school has had Professional Certification delivered by Groupement FLE for high quality since January 2008 for its programmes and its services. This seal of approval puts particular emphasis on:

  • personal qualifications,
  • the effectiveness of teaching carried out,
  • the suitability of the premises,
  • staying faithful to the process,
  • honesty of the information conveyed.  

Image () The school is a registered examination centre for the French Proficiency Test (TCF), through the CIEP (Ministry of National Education). This test is recognised on an international scale. It assesses your skills in comprehension and expression, and awards you a certificate, valid for 2 years. We organise several sessions per year.

The school is also a member of the Federation of French Language Evangelical Missions - la Fédération de Missions Evangéliques Francophones (F.M.E.F.) - which has 37 members in France, Belgium and Switzerland.Image ()

We work in close collaboration with more than 90 missions throughout the whole world.