Why study at Les Cèdres

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A language school that suits everyone

Whether you are single, a couple or a family, our school will do what it can to help your stay in France run smoothly: accommodation provided on site or nearby, ranging from single bedrooms to 4-bedroom accommodation, furnished and equipped. Our programme is scheduled to suit public school hours. We offer an on-site crèche for children under the age of 3 and we assist with enrolling your older children in local schools. Children between 6 and 16 years who are unable to speak French will be given French lessons in special classes organised in one of the local schools as part of the free public education programme.  

Effective teaching methods

From the start of your programme, you will work on the 5 skills of communication: listening, reading, writing, conversation and oral presentation. Language structures and phonetics are rigorously taught.

An environment which promotes learning

The library and multimedia centre contain newspapers and magazines in French, class textbooks, CDs, DVDs, CD ROMs, etc. - many tools to aid the learning process! A television room, Internet access and WIFI are also available on site. 

Complete immersion guaranteed: in the classrooms, the communal kitchen, the dining room, the garden and all other communal areas, French is the language of communication. We encourage and help you get involved in the community life of Massy and its suburbs. In the residence, you will share your everyday life with French students.

Personal teaching

We accept beginners in September and January. If you are at intermediate or advanced level, you can join the other sessions. Your level is assessed by means of a test. We offer refresher courses tailored to your needs.  

We ensure that staff are available outside of class time every day, to answer any questions you may have, linguistic, cultural, practical, administrative, etc.

There are approximately 10 students per class. You can take an intensive or semi-intensive course, or you may choose a programme specifically adapted to your needs.

Cultural teaching exclusively focussed on French-speaking countries

We schedule weekly lectures on French and Francophone cultures. Cultural activities and excursions are regularly offered.

Near Paris, a dynamic city

Massy is a rapidly developing town, situated 12km from Paris. Les Cèdres is a 10-15 minute walk away from an RER station, an opera house, a hypermarket, an Olympic-sized pool, a leisure centre, 3 cinema screens, a media centre, a large park etc. The bus which stops opposite the school takes 15 minutes to reach the TGV station. The RER gets you to the centre of Paris in 25 minutes, the Gare du Nord in 30 minutes, the Charles de Gaulle airport in 60 minutes, Orly airport in 40 minutes and the Château of Versailles in 30 minutes.

A Christian school

Founded by the Federation of Evangelical Baptist Churches (Fédération des Eglises Evangéliques Baptistes), the school was soon working in close collaboration with more than 90 missions throughout the world. 

Our students accept the Christian foundation of the school and it is possible to attend daily services organised for and by students, in addition to lessons on Biblical French.

Official certificates

The school was accredited as an exam centre by the International Centre for Education and Pedagogy (Centre International d’Education et de Pédagogie) - Ministry of National Education – to run the French Proficiency Test, the T.C.F. (Test de Connaissance du Français). This test assesses your skills of comprehension and expression and leads to an internationally-recognised certificate. Several exam sessions are organised each year.